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It’s official:  Cocoon Home is busier than ever with multiple design clients, an upcoming event, a new logo and site (coming soon), and a product soon to be revealed!  I’m a bit crazed , but loving every minute of it.  Each interior project is completely different from the others allowing me to source and shop at a variety of places:  the  Alameda Flea Market, HD Buttercup, Flora Grubb, Pottery Barn, DWR and Anthropologie among many others.  My clients’ broad variety of styles and aesthetics [for sure] keep things interesting!  The new logo and site are being created by Dabito of Old Brand New Blog and I couldn’t be happier with his interpretation of Cocoon Home thus far.  Stay tuned for the big reveal.  Later this month, we’ll be hosting an event at our home featuring the work of Daniel Barbera of Australia and Cosentino, San Francisco.  Lastly, the Cass Clutch, a 70′s inspired suede handbag, will make its debut in late Spring.  So many wonderful things are happening at once!  I’m honored and grateful for the opportunity to help so many people create spaces that are uniquely their own while exercising my own creativity.  I do love my job!!   IMG_7134 IMG_7216 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Above are photos of accessories, textiles and botanicals that have been stylized for my #pacificheightschd client.  Follow my Instagram feed to see more images and updates on Cocoon Home Design projects.



checker sideboard psd detail psd coffeet tablepsd corner psd square While furniture scouting for a client I came across designer Tracey Boyd.  Her unique collection for Anthropologie got me super excited.  Each piece is detailed with either a mix of metals, lacquered finishes or interesting patterns.  One of her pieces can become a focal point in any room or make any space stand out.  I’m looking forward to finding homes for a few of my favorites.   I love my job!!




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1.  Urban Outfitter’s leather sling stool is perfect for additional seating just about anywhere indoors or out.

2.  This Boet shield necklace needs to meet my wardrobe!

3. I’m still loving airplants and these wood and copper mounted terrariums are a sweet new way to display them.

4.  Zara’s long seamed dress might just become my Spring staple.

5.  This Great Meadow Mural is the inspiration for Zoe’s bedroom new look.



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As promised, I’m sharing a few of my favorite foliage plants.  Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the beauty of a bloom, but the complex and diverse shapes and hues of leaves inspire me.  Big or small, outside or in, leaves add drama and life to a space.  Take a look below and be sure to check out my Instagram collection #ihavethisthingforfoliage for more leafy images and other botanical inspirations.
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foliage psd

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Areca palm leaves in a vintage vase atop our spirit filled living room bar.

Are you a foliage fan?

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Furniture placement should be uniquely suited to each and every room.  If the space allows it and the flow feels right, two sofas facing each other is one of my favorite ways to appoint a living room.  Whether one is enjoying alone time or entertaining friends, this layout is designed to either encourage conversation or provide total relaxation.  Although one often sees this type of placement with traditional pieces, some of the examples below take on a more eclectic look by featuring non-matching sofas, colorful futons, casual fabrics and unique accessorizing.
72e9af63789677174aa4d77e1e25c728 f810d5bd30e11ebf5b7fdbe904ee73c7 facing sofa

white psd


Are you a fan of facing sofas?

Images:  1./2./3./4./5./6.



Relating To Taliesin West

February 14, 2015

red door psd

This week while visiting family in Arizona, Alex, our children and I toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and school, Taliesin West.  As soon as we entered the grounds we recognized architectural features similar to our house, which was designed by one of FLW’s apprentices, Fred Langhorst.  Langhorst spent 3 years at Taliesin and its influence is very apparent in so many of our home’s details.  The organic materials, the permanent connection to nature through floor to ceiling windows, the compression and release effect created by low soffits, the Asian accents, even the gentle rise and fall of the stone steps at Taliesin, all seem to match our home in the East Bay.  Even Wright’s favorite paint color, Cherokee Red, is the original color of the built-in cabinets in our project room!

We feel fortunate to live in house that is influenced by FLW’s architectural genius to this day, and love to share its history with our children (who want to tour Fallingwater next).

We’re SO going!!

brass psd back of house psd angled lr psd piano psd

Untitled-1 pottery vent 2 moon gate fountain

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Meditation: 5 Inspiring Quotes

February 11, 2015

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For a long time I resisted pinning inspirational quotes on Pinterest, but at some point I came across a quote that resonated with me and I decided to start a  meditation pinboard.  From time to time I read through it and somehow I manage to find sayings that reflect how I’m feeling at that particular moment.  Today I’d like to share a few of my favorite ones.  They all encourage authenticity, courage and self love.  

Do you have any favorite motivational quotes to share?



Twehues DR A psd Now that most of the living room components for the Eichler home I’m currently working on are in place, we’re moving onto the dining room.  This is the room inspiration that is guiding the look and feel of the living spaces.  Modern lines, warm metals and classic mid-century designed chairs will honor the home’s iconic style, while remaining fully family functional.  The West Elm dining table has been ordered, the benches have arrived and now we’re waiting for the lighting and deciding on an area rug.  Can’t wait to see it all come together and to share this home’s before and after images.

Room elements:

Curio Display Cabinet, Plaza Chandelier, Boerum Dining Table and Benches, Eames Dowel Leg Side Chair, Herringbone Hand Knotted Flamestitch Rug. 




Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset About this time last week I was in Boston working with my #beachonhillchd clients.  I shopped and selected rugs, accessories, and even plants, for their newly renovated space.  With the addition of the textiles and botanicals the rooms took on a ‘homier’ look and feel.

Surprisingly, the color orange became the accent color in the main living areas allowing for ottomans and pillows to be interchangeable between the different spaces.  In the kitchen we emphasized the cabinetry color, Farrow & Ball’s Railings, with a dark rug and oversized vintage botanical prints.  Brass hardware and a lighting fixture lent a classic look to this space.   For the first time ever, I got to see the Modo Chandelier in its destined spot:  smack dab in the middle of my clients’ huge living room window.  I love it there and I’m happy to say my clients do too.  All of the lighting we selected for this Beacon Hill residence is spectacular and there’s more to come!

I’ll be venturing back in the warmer months to tackle the dinning room area and to add some final details to the living room.   Many thanks to AK and BD for allowing me the opportunity to work on your home.  It’s been,and continues to be, a great experience!

study psd

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset IMG_6512 kitchen rug psd IMG_6492

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Kitchen Of The Week: Houzz

February 3, 2015

kitchen psd

I have exciting news!  Our kitchen is the featured Kitchen of the Week on Houzz.   In case you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here.

Many thanks to Becky Harris of Houzz for a great article that speaks so eloquently to the inspiration and motivation behind our recent renovation.