barbera design psd Finding the right dining table and counter stools for our renovated kitchen proved to be a much harder task than expected.  We wanted to preserve our  home’s mid-century design without overpowering it with a table or stool style that conflicted with it.  In Australia’s Barbera Design bronze table and Uccio stool, we found the perfect balance between modern design and a sophisticated aesthetic that will work well with authentic mid-century chairs.

Now that they have been found and ordered, we are not so patiently awaiting their arrival.  Our latest update was that the cargo ship carrying our items had docked in Los Angeles!  Next stop would be Oakland.   I’m anticipating another 2 to 3 weeks before they’re delivered to our home, which will prompt both the table top and chair selections.  Let’s hope the last stages of this project go smoothly and quickly, we’re all ready and eager to sit down at a table!





Our daughter Zoe celebrated her 7th birthday yesterday with a dreamcatcher party.  With a bit more prep work than I anticipated (more on that later this week), her friends strung beads and hung feathers to create their very own dreamcatchers to filter out bad dreams.  Take a look at yesterday’s photos and stay tuned for details on how to host your own dreamcatcher party .  zoey  psd







IMG_3307 Happy Birthday Zoe!!!


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What To Wear Sometime in September I created a Pinterest board entitled “What To Wear” as a place to share autumnal fashion ideas and sources with other pinners.  I must admit it’s been super fun following everyone’s favorite looks.  There’s a great group of contributors:  a fashionista who finds inspiration from the runaways, a lover of  layering clothes, a chic and sophisticated dresser, a woman with lots of bohemian flair and a laid-back clothes horse.  To all those that are adding to the board, please keep doing it.  I’m already spotting fashion for a Spring 2015 pinboard, even though I haven’t been able to put on a pair of boots or wear a cashmere sweater yet.  California’s heat wave is giving me the Fall wardrobe denial blues…

If you’d like to be part of the shared “What To Wear” board follow me on Pinterest so I can send you an invite.

Happy pinning!

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Peruvian Blankets

October 13, 2014


Some time ago, Alex and I bought a Peruvian Blanket for our project room and ever since I’ve been tempted to purchase another one.  The collection that Marisa Haskell displays in her Temescal Alley  jewelry studio is sheer eye candy for lovers of color and pattern.  The blankets are weighty and drape easily over a sofa or chair to add a pop of color and a touch of fun to any space.  We haven’t bought our second one yet, but I’m constantly tempted by Marisa’s ever changing stock of them.  Take a look:
chair psd



BTW, her jewelry is also high on my wish list.  So far, I own two pieces!

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The other day, while tending to the plethora of plants we have around the house, I thought it would be nice to share where they actually live.   Some of the places you find them may be considered a bit unexpected, such as in a bathroom,  in our children’s spaces and even atop bookcases.  I began placing plants in the twins’ room while decorating their nursery, and ever since then there’s been a plant or two in their bedroom.  Today one sits by Max’s turntable on his and Ben’s nightstand.  Our home office would not be complete without a botanical touch, and the kitchen counter changes seasonally with cut branches or foliage.  Zoe’s room often houses a delicate fern that softens the already sweet space. Take a look:


IMG_3015 boys



chinese cabinet


kitchen To see my favorite indoor plant groupings and some ideas on how to create your own, click here.

What’s your favorite plant spot?


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Last week I popped into Modernaire’s new location in Oakland.  After years in Berkeley, owner Bruce Crawford moved his carefully curated mid-century wares to a large, well lit space on Telegraph Ave.  Living in a mid-century home, I’m naturally drawn to stores that represent the era, but what impressed me most about Modernaire was its wide array of accessories.  Clocks, lamps, bowls, art and even a free standing fireplace were artfully displayed and available for sale.  Any one of the items offered would be perfect for adding detail and personality to a space, mid-century or not.  Take a look:  IMG_2932

fabric psd




dishes psd



tray psd



pod art C psd I’m super excited to announce that my mother in-law, Natalia, is exhibiting her  Pod Art for the first time and you’re invited.  Whether you’re local or not please join us this Saturday, October 11th, at her studio in Lafayette.  If you have any questions or need directions email me at    To learn more about her unique work click here.

Looking forward to seeing you,



Lovely Lately: No Rules

October 2, 2014


There are no rules in these spaces and I like that.  Carefully selected furnishings and accessories speak to the personality and experiences of their owner, not to a particular trend or style, which ultimately makes them classics in their own right.  By paying close attention to details through arranged curiosities, vignettes, mixed shapes and bold colors, these homes have an added dimension that pulls one in wanting to know more about the who, what, where and when about it all.


thechamberofcuriosity_press_p072-073-1 20253d717e59ace4d7277cc9e0d303b7


pink chair psd


This post was inspired by a recent book purchase, The Chamber Of Curiosity.  It’s filled with inspiring images and beautiful texts celebrating personal interior style.  It’s a must have!

Images:  1./2./3./4./5./6./7.


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I’ve been searching for a runner for our 9′ long kitchen island for quite some time with little luck.  I’m not sure if it’s a matter of not having found the right one yet or if it’s a matter of ‘less is more’.  For practical reasons, I like having something soft underfoot while cooking while giving the floor some extra protection, but now I’m really wondering if my search should quietly end.
I need your feedback as to whether or not you like the kitchen floor better with or without a runner.  Also, if you happen to come across a rug/runner that you think may work, PLEASE let me know.  Take a look at some of my attempts below and give me your honest opinion.
west elm runner psd

ikea runner psd


berkeley runner psd


IMG_0282-e1401897930606 The challenge is finding the right colors and patterns to coexist with the current area rug in front of the refrigerator and pantry (the only one I truly love).   HELP!!


Looking forward to your suggestions.




1. Commune’s Native Tile collection.


2.  This poncho coat!


3.  Unique lighting in unexpected places.


4.  Because I love pointy flats


5. An energizing and interesting cocktail.