Now that some of the cabinetry is in place, our  kitchen is beginning to take shape.   We can actually imagine ourselves moving about cooking, entertaining, snacking and it feels really good!  Alex already made good use of our new island to build the Lindsey Adelman light fixture that will hang above it.  I’ve been impatient to see how the new and old accessories will work with the current color palette and have been playing around with area rugs, flatware and art.   If all goes as planned, the countertops will be installed on Thursday and the cabinet doors will follow suit.  I must admit, we’re more than ready to have it all finished.  They’re not lying when they say a kitchen is the heart of the home!

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Life Happens

April 14, 2014

Easter 2008

Every now and then I get sucked into looking at family photos.  Last night, as I scrolled through the years the experience truly felt like time travel.  I’m not sure whether it was my recently celebrated 44th birthday, or just the pace of time itself that sparked this reflective journey into the past.  It was amazing to see how much our children changed; while some of their infant features remained, others have clearly matured.  It was joyous and also a bit sad to notice the changes both in them and in me.  Life happens quickly and sometimes we need to be reminded to slow it all down and savor the moments.

Christmas 2013



1. a sweet treat

2. bold accents in simple settings

3. a woven necklace

4. a classic cocktail

5. and a bucket handbag

images:  1./2./3./4./5.


After much research,  I found the perfect faucet for our new kitchen:  Delta’s Trinsic Single Handle Pull Down unit.  The “Champagne Bronze” finish works really well with the brass pulls for our cabinetry and the wallpaper and counter color we selected, plus I love the clean lines of its design.  Take a look:

Things around here are starting to take shape.  Some of the cabinets have been installed and the reclaimed redwood panels have been sanded and stained.  Stay tuned for my next update and click here to see the progress already made.

*This post was sponsored  by Delta Faucet.  The faucet was chosen by me and donated by Delta.  All opinions and images are my own. 


On our way to LA last week (for a cruise to Mexico), Alex and the kids surprised me with an overnight stay at the Ace Hotel.  Knowing just how much I admire the work of the design firm Commune, the experience was a perfect early birthday gift for me.  Take a look at a few favorite images of our morning on the hotel’s roof deck:

Many, many thanks to Alex, Max, Ben and Zoe for [quite possibly] the most style minded gift ever!


Since my last Kitchen Renovation post, the new ceiling insulation has been installed and the wallboards have been hung, prepped and painted.   Now, the redwood planks that were originally carefully removed are being rehung along the valances and on specific wall areas.  The space is now taking on a familiar feel, although in a more polished and restrained manner.  Take a look:

Up next,  is the sanding and staining of both new and old redwood panels.  I’m grateful for our contractor‘s eye for detail and patience for working with existing materials.  I can’t wait to see how our new kitchen comes together.


Last week, I felt the urge to visit San Francisco’s Strybing Arboretum, where I used to volunteer.  Years ago, I worked in its greenhouses, repotting, propagating and pruning its diverse plant collection.  Due to the many micro climates this arboretum is able to host, it is a virtual wonderland showcasing plants from all over the world.  My favorite ones originate from New Zealand and/or are native to California.  Returning to the arboretum reminded me of a very special time in my life and validated my continued passion for plants, which I hope to apply to our garden in the years to come.

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1. this window and its view

1. my dream car

3. the perfect dress

4. a soup to chase my cold away

5. and the shape of this towel rack

images:  1./2./3./4./5.


After another day of sanding, mending and color mixing we finally came up with the right hue for our concrete kitchen floors!  Now the area we had to refinish is perfectly color toned with the pre-existing concrete flooring.  Originally, our plan was to expose the aggregate in the floor and then apply color to better match the 60+ year old areas, but after much deliberation and stain hiccups we realized that the process of smoothing the floor would be more effective in matching the original color.  So, [for now] the floor in the kitchen area is smooth while the rest of the house is textured.   Someday, if I decide to tackle this again, we’ll refinish the rest of the floors.  Or, better yet, the new floor’s gradual wear and tear will eventually blend it with the old floor.  Either way,  I’m very pleased with the current results.  Take a look:

before and after

Soon after the paint dried, the kitchen project resumed and the floor was covered to protect it.  Once it’s uncovered again,  I’ll show it to you in its entirety.

MANY thanks to the folks at California Custom Coatings and Prep Concrete for their diligence and determination to ensure our floor turned out just right.


Contrary to the revelation in my “Culled Closet” post, I bought yet another accent piece.  I’m now the proud owner of a pink patterned jumper, which BTW looks great with a brown suede handbag I found in a SF vintage shop.  Having said that, I’m still focused on culling items and hope to hone in on my Spring 2014 “look” in a timely manner.  Stay tuned.

Do you have a favorite new item in your Spring wardrobe?  If so, please share.