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Off The Counter: Petite Peas and Meyer Lemon Salad

January 14, 2015

My mother in-law prepared this salad for us a little while back and it was so good that I felt the need to recreate it and blog about it.  The combination of the crunchy iceberg lettuce, the fresh sweet peas and the juice of a Meyer lemon makes for a refreshing end to a hearty […]

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Off The Counter: Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad

December 10, 2014

We’ve had a plethora of persimmons this season thanks to friends who must be farming them.  My usual approach to consuming these beauties is simple:  cut, peel and eat.  I haven’t experimented mixing them with other fruits or vegetables until now.  Inspired by a salad I ate at Pizzaiolo, I combined bitter greens, roasted hazelnuts and pomegranate […]

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Off The Counter: The ABC Salad

September 1, 2014

Before the last long weekend of the summer comes to an end,  I’d like to share with you the avocado, beet and cucumber salad I’ve been obsessed with lately.  Combining salty cucumbers, boiled golden beets and firm avocados with a bit of fresh mint, this salad transitions perfectly from this season to the next.  Ingredients […]

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Off The Counter: A Gourmet Camping Meal

August 25, 2014

While camping in Mendocino’s  Russian Gulch a few weeks ago, we prepared a meal loosely based on Bacalhau a Gomes de Sa, a Portuguese salt cod dish.   Combining some of my favorite ingredients: olives, eggs and potatoes, this dish brings together the substantial savory flavors one craves while out in the fresh forest air.  By […]

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Off The Counter: A Summer Salad

July 30, 2014

I have this reputation as “the salad queen” that I haven’t been living up to lately.  My obsession with kale (which I only like sautéed) may just be the reason.  While visiting family and friends back East, I was reminded of my once salad greatness.  When the first few people we visited asked if we […]

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Off The Counter: Potassium Broth

May 13, 2014

One would think that the first ‘Off The Counter’ featured recipe from our [almost] done kitchen would be a bit more exciting than a broth.  However, after several non-welcomed colds during its renovation,  I thought that a meal with some real healing properties would be apropos.  I first tasted Golden Door’s Potassium Broth while receiving […]

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Off The Counter: Seasonal Citrus

February 28, 2014

Before my kitchen was demolished , I experimented with my favorite winter salad ingredients:  blood oranges, avocado and red onion.  Using Instagram to document my culinary exploits, I had  few people ask what type of dressing I used.  So here it comes: Mind you, I’m not one for measuring ingredients, so depending on the size of […]

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Off The Counter: Black Bean And Sweet Potato Chili

February 10, 2014

It’s been quite some time since I’ve featured an Off The Counter post.  It’s not that we’re not cooking, it’s just that we haven’t been culinarily creative enough (or so it  has seemed to me).  This black bean and sweet potato chili has definitely turned that notion around.  I found the recipe here a few […]

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Off The Counter: Almond Berry Smoothie

September 11, 2013

I’ve gone from juicing to blending and I finally came up with a concoction that’s just right, at least for me.  It’s neither too sweet nor too bland, but simply good for you.  Ingredients and instructions below: Ingredients:  Almond milk (vanilla), frozen bananas, fresh or frozen berries, flaxseed meal and protein powder (optional) Instructions: Pour […]

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Off The Counter: Fried Okra

June 20, 2013

Alex and I recently reconnected with a dear friend from Cape Cod who now lives in San Francisco.  Although we hadn’t seen each in a few years, our reunion felt as though no time or distance had come between us.  We recently visited him and his partner’s impeccably decorated place in Diamond Heights (can’t wait […]

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