about Debra and Cocoon Home Design

From farming organic produce to dressing mannequins, Debra’s innate desire to create and experience new things has taken her from East to West twice over.

Presently, she’s excited to be back in California after spending 12 years in Boston, where she co-owned a home accessories and botanicals store. Applying all she learned as a buyer, merchandiser and entrepreneur, she is now an interior decorator and blogger. By combining an East Coast aesthetic with a West Coast vibe, Debra creates spaces and botanical compositions that are both free spirited and refined. Her blog, Cocoon Home, reflects the widely eclectic nature of her interests and passions.

When Debra is not ‘cocooning’ she’s a Mom to three amazing kids.

About Cocoon Home
about Cocoon Home Design services

Cocoon Home offers a full range of design services. From something simple as rearranging your existing belongings to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of a space to designing and sourcing a completely new one that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Cocoon Home strives to incorporate function, comfort and botanicals into each project. We accomplish this by layering textures and colors, mixing the familiar with the new and acknowledging seasonal changes.

For more information about our services contact debra@cocoonhome.com or phone 617.838.4081