The Cocoon Home Design Approach
CHD is flexible with regard to client services but there are three models that most of our design jobs fall into.

Consultation and Design Board
An onsite, 1-hour consultation where we discuss your design preferences, expectations for the use of your space, review your current furniture placement, suggest new layouts and/or additional pieces, recommend paint color and accessories. After the consultation you will receive a 1 page written proposal and an online pinboard with product and material sources plus color suggestions. This service is offered at a rate of $375 (for spaces 750 sf. or less). Email us for details.

One-Day Makeover
CHD will renew your space by rearranging the furniture and accessories to reflect your current design preferences and lifestyle needs. We’ll de-clutter, edit (if necessary), organize, re-hang your art and bring harmony, newness and balance to your space. By repurposing your own items this transformation is quick and affordable. After the makeover, you will receive an online pinboard with additional ideas/suggestions you may adopt for the updated space as your time and budget allow. This service is offered at a rate of $525 (for spaces 750sf. or less/5 hr max. onsite). Email us for details.

Project Design and Management
After an on site meeting where your expectations and uses for the space to be renovated are discussed, a design proposal will be prepared. It will summarize design objectives and include a plan for colors, materials, furnishings and drawings. The proposal is then adjusted as per your feedback.

Once you, the client, approve the proposal, CHD will take the necessary steps to implement the project and oversee its progress and completion. The initial onsite meeting (max. 2 hrs) is offered at a rate of $295. The design proposal, the project management and execution at an hourly rate. This rate is determined on the basis of the project’s scope. Email us for details.

CHD accepts PayPal, cash and personal checks.