In the coming months we’re expecting quite a few visitors, so I decided to revamp our guest bedroom suite. Utilizing items that we’ve owned for many years, I put together a space that looks familiar yet feels completely new.  Staying true to my love of neutrals the room is a medley of earthy tones, textures and patterns.  Not a penny spent, just time rummaging through the house for things to repurpose.

Here are the details:  a pair of Ming dynasty chairs that were once desk chairs now act as bedside tables, art found at a yard sale 12 years ago turns the headboard into a focal statement,  existing bedding and pillows help layer a cozy bed look, the sisal area rug is a remnant from our redone office area and lamps that were once sold at Cocoon (our store) provide adequate light to read by.  Lastly, a feng shui botanical touch and some bedtime reading for our guests.

Take a look at the before and after process that took [literally] one single afternoon:

Below is snapshot of our Belmont, Ma., apartment circa 2005.   The lights and art were right at home even then.   While it’s nice to decorate with brand new items, I really enjoy repurposing what we already own and then accessorize as needed.  The guest bedroom suite will someday undergo a complete makeover, but I’m sure that some of the pieces you see now will still show up somewhere in the house…

Cocoon Home Design can help you achieve an updated, stylized look with preowned items.  It’s all about featuring favorite things in a brand new light.  Contact me at:


A Woodland Fairy House

June 23, 2014

Last week Zoe designed a fairy house from a piece of birch bark once used for a Cocoon Home botanical installation.  Keeping true to the trunk’s natural state, Zoe used stones, twigs, lichen and moss to fashion the tables, beds, swings and stairs.  SO proud of her and her magical creation.  Take a look:

To see another ‘woodland’ creation inspired by our Zoe click here. 



I’ve spent this week clearing out closets, dressers and cupboards for tomorrow’s garage sale.  Every once in while I get the urge to purge.  This Saturday, three households (including ours) will be peddling unwanted wares destined to become somebody else’s treasures.  If you live in the East Bay and love a good yard sale, email me at for all the details.  Wish us luck!

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While camping in Big Sur over the weekend, we rolled out of our tent in the early hours of the morning to head for the Big Sur Bakery.  I’ve always been intrigued by the garden that surrounds it and during this trip we wanted to make sure we finally dropped in.   Thank God we did, since their donuts and pastries are out of this world delicious.  I ordered a blueberry strudel that required a fork, the kids went bonkers over their Cop Donuts (maple glazed with a donut hole on top) and Alex’s savory ham & cheese croissant was perfectly balanced.  All this yumminess is set in an amazing succulent garden that’s  backdropped by the Santa Lucia mountain range.  Take a look at a few images from this legendary morning:


To read on how the bakery got started click here and to check out the Big Sur Bakery cookbook click here.



1. a fun project to do with our kids

2. a refreshing summer cocktail

3. a comfortable high-waisted skirt

4. a trio of beautiful hammocks

5. and our destination for Father's Day weekend.

Images:  1./2./3./4./5.


With 3 kids and their schedules, our schedules, work, household chores, social and  personal obligations, there seems to be NO down time anymore.  Whenever a free moment appears, I find myself filling it with a yoga class, garden work, walking the dog or some type of screen time.  I see this in my husband, too.  We never sit for a moment and do absolutely nothing.  Lately, however,  my body has been practically forcing itself to try it, as if it’s applying its own internal brakes.  At times, I feel both mentally and physically fatigued, and I’m learning to recognize it and let go of things that “have” to be done.  I’m hopeful that my current need for quiet moments will also affect Alex and our children.  It’s OK to do nothing.  Perhaps even sweet…

Do you find it difficult to slow down and relax?  I’d love to hear how others find the time, or even the will to let go and enjoy a state of true relaxation.

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Recently, Alex and the kids surprised me with the Society pillowcases I’ve been obsessing over.  Now that the bed is fully dressed again, it became clear why.  Their color and pattern perfectly balance the texture and tone of the brick wall behind our bed.  Mixing high and low ends of the spectrum, sheets from Ikea and a linen duvet from Coyuchi completed the new look.  I also replaced the chrome based bedside lamps with oversized brass and green ones I found at a consignment shop.   Take a look at the before and after bedding and the ‘new’ light fixtures and let me know what you think.  I’m still on the fence about the lamps and I badly need your input..




1. A place to be

2. A look to own (my closet wants it)

3. A cool place to lounge (drink in hand)

4. A minted iced coffee to sip (a must summer try)

5. A perfect space to chill in

Congratulations Lidia,  you are the winner of Tiny Atlas Quarterly’s Printed Annual!  Please email your home address to and I’ll ship this wonderful publication to you.  You will love it!!

Images:  1./2./3./4./5.


We couldn’t be more overjoyed with our renovated kitchen.  By carefully preserving our home’s mid-century design and considering the modern day needs of a family of five, the newly created space is both functional and stylistically appropriate for that period.   To honor this 1953 home, we balanced the warmth of the redwood paneling that runs through the house with a cool bluish green color palette.  Texture via wall treatment and hardware tied in the organic materials used in the original construction, while brass lighting and pulls added elegance and timelessness to the renovated space.  Take a look at the before and after photos:


There are still a “few” missing pieces:  a table, chairs, new stools, area rugs and dishes.  Once they’re selected, purchased and delivered, the space will be completely done.  Strangely enough, I’m not in a major rush to find these pieces, but I promise to keep you posted as I scout them out.

Here’s the original “Room Inspiration” that triggered it all.  I love how things fall into place…

For sourcing information please inquire below in ‘comments’.

Thank you all for following us along in this adventure.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!



When I was first introduced to California based Tiny Atlas Quarterly, a lifestyle and travel online magazine, I spent hours happily lost in its virtual pages.  The beautiful photographs pulled me in and made me want to know more about each story depicted.  I’m  happy to announce  that Tiny Atlas Quarterly’s  Printed Annual is now available!  Being an avid magazine collector, you can only image how pleased I will be to hold these amazing images in my hands and atop our coffee table.    I just ordered my copy  but you can win your very own by checking out the magazine here and commenting below.

To see more amazing imagery follow Tiny Atlas on Instagram and share your favorite travel photos using #tinyatlas!

Many congratulations to all the folks at Tiny Atlas Quarterly for creating and collaborating on a magazine that profoundly represents your passions, your talents and your dreams.

Contest ends Thursday June 5th.  Winner will be announced on Friday June 6th.